Week 1: the vibration of vibration



I’ve spent this week working out what I really want my honours project to achieve.

Making banana paper, of course. Sound vibrations in water. Cymatics. Influences:  German photo artist Alexander Lauterwasser whose book Water Sound Images has  inspired me to undertake this project. [1]

 Today I created my first wave file with sonic visualiser.

It was my studio buddy’s birthday, so this is the wave image of us singing happy birthday to her. What a great way to check the recording equipment.

And of course readings: from the Sound Studies Reader a great quote from Steve Goodman…..

“An ontology of vibrational force delves below a philosophy of sound and the physics of acoustics toward the basic process of entities affecting other entities…What I prioritized here is the inbetween of oscillation, the vibration of vibration.”[2]


[1] Lauterwasser, Alexander. Water Sound Images: The Creative Music of the Universe.  Maine: Macromedia Publishing, 2011.

[2] Steve Goodman, “The Ontology of Vibrational Force,” in The Sound Studies Reader, ed. Jonathon Sterne (New York: Routledge, 2012), 70-71.


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