Week 6: playing with paper

banana stitch

This week I have been translating my sonic visualisations into drawings with pen, ink and thread. Learning how to engage in deep listening, letting the pen travel across the paper as I respond to the sounds of chopping, water dripping and tearing dried paper from the moulds.

The felt tipped pen mark was too rigid, the ink more fluid and flowing, the stitching another method of suggesting loops and dips of sound. The image so seductive it needed to be screenprinted as well. Overlaid  together they make their own musical score; a playful song full of squiggles and creases and paper crunching. Experimental!

The dictionary defines experiment as “a course of action tentatively adopted without being sure of the eventual outcome.”[1] Learning how to relinquish control of the outcome has allowed this paper song to suggest its own rhythm and resonance.

Louise Irving in her thesis Learning Japanese writes about her practice of creating stacks of “drawings” which accumulate text  “to the point of transcending textual meaning”. The calligraphy she describes as a form of “interpretive writing”.

“The stroke, the trace of movement, the fluidity of ink on brush records marks like wet footprints impressing a soft path in snow.”[2]

I am constantly referring to Irving’s thesis as I begin the next segment of my honours research and have selected her work for my Critical Review assignment.

banana screen strip


[1] “Oxford Dictionary,” accessed. 24 February, 2016. http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/experiment.

[2] Louise Irving, “Learning Japanese” (Honours Thesis, Southern Cross University, 2008), 7.




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