Week 11: what if?

You have to be curious to do research, and also enjoy posing questions like “what if”?  Experimenting does not come naturally to me. I like to find a system that works then follow it methodically. Yet sometimes the sheer joy of finding two disparate elements and asking “what if this goes with that?” yields surprisingly good results.

My question…what if I print sound along the ‘fuse’ of a banana leaf?

Last week’s experiments (as shown in my last post) suggested a space between two indigo patterns which could be filled with a banana leaf. Disappointingly the mono print of a banana leaf produced a murky result.  This was because the paper had to be washed after the indigo dying and consequently the paper was crinkled and didn’t transfer the shape of the leaf clearly.

So this week I created silkscreen images from the original banana leaf monoprint and  a musical timeline/sound wave, what I term a ‘soundline’. I printed the two together, a bit difficult to see in this image, but the soundline is in the centre.

green leaf print

I tried many combinations of colours; green, yellow and brown to reference the colour of the leaf and banana plant, but in the end I came back to my favourite colour, indigo.

Why do I love indigo blue? Wassily Kandinsky in his book Concerning The Spiritual In Art describes blue as a heavenly colour.[1]

I would have to agree.



[1] Wassily Kandinsky and Michael Sadleir, Concerning the Spiritual in Art (New York: Dover Publications, 1977), 6.



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