Week 18: the 3 Rs

image John Wolseley ~ detail from Heartlands and Headwaters exhibition NGV 2015.

In every project there comes a time for rest, recuperation and reflection, in other words, the 3Rs.

This week I’ve been fortunate enough to to travel north to Yeppoon to stay with an artist friend in her cottage overlooking the beach. We walk along the beach and talk about honours projects, hers and mine. We talk of paper and artist books, of printing and project installations.

I bring with me Mark Kurlansky’s book Paper: paging through history, (cover pictured belowwhich chronicles the history of paper and its association with printing. I had read and enjoyed his previous book Salt and thought to read about paper while lying on the beach. Alas I have not got past page one, however it will get read on the plane back ( or maybe the next day).


What I have done this holiday  is share my thoughts about paper with someone else who loves paper. While browsing through some of my photos, I came across an installation of paper works by Australian artist John Wolseley,  Heartlands and Headwaters which was on exhibition at the NGV last time I was in Melbourne, (pictured above).

These paper works were folded, scrunched and crumpled, flying across the gallery walls like so many pages tossed into the wind. They continue to inspire my thoughts about this wonderful material and provide some creative possibilities for my own installation.

So back to the studio refreshed, rejuvenated and redeemed;  three other important Rs.





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