Week 19: trials


sewn paper hanging cropped sewn paper hanging fibre cropped
Detail of sewn sheets of paper hanging (left) &  detail of fibre (right)

This week in the studio I’ve been stitching dried banana fibre onto large sheets of paper. I’ve stitched two sheets of paper together and created a seam for a hanging device so that I can envisage what they will look like hung together. The fibre is stitched onto the two sheets as a feature to reference the process of paper making.

With this experiment I was trialling three things, the hanging device, the colour of the threads used (indigo blue and natural) and the addition of the unbeaten, dried banana fibre.

I had been influenced by the works of Swiss artist Pierette Bloch who works with fibres such as horse hair and sisal, twisting the fibres in linear drawings. Her work was featured in the On Line: Drawing Through the Twentieth Century exhibition at MoMA (New York) in 2011.

The lines are particularly strong and I thought dried banana fibre might have a similar flexible quality which could then be used to reference the sound lines I have been making. Alas this does not appear to be the case so I will undergo more fibre trials. Perhaps I could replace the chopped and cooked fibre with long strips of banana fibre straight from the tree; stripped, uncooked but dried to create more length. This will be worth further experimentation.

Pierette Bloch3

Pierette Bloch – work included in the On Line: Drawing Through the Twentieth Century exhibition at MoMA

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