Week 20: it’s all about the bass


Finally realised ! My dream of creating a cymatics image from the sound of making paper! What a process…through much trial and error I discovered that I needed a strong bass sound to create a sound/water image.

My initial trials (detailed in earlier blog posts) of first a submersible speaker in pulp, then a latex screen on top of a bucket on top of a guitar amp, then latex on top of a computer speaker; all gave tantalising glimpses of what could be possible.

What these trials revealed, was that the recorded sound of making paper was too high in pitch and needed to be slowed down and manipulated so that a bass line was created. This was then played through a bass sub woofer speaker which gave a strong pattern.

subwoofersubwoofer cymatics1

A bucket was used to hold the subwoofer off the floor, latex was stretched over it and a black container lid was used to hold the water. The fluffy black towel was to catch any flying drips. I filmed the exciting event then created a still frame from the video, added a blue filter and accentuated the round pattern to create the final result.

I plan to project a series of cymatic images onto the floor for my installation. Suspended above this image will be a “sound dome” (a bit like Maxwell Smart’s Cone of Silence) which will play the sound of forming a sheet of paper from the vat.

My next step is to create a cymatic watermark in paper, embedding the sound of water and the paper making process through the absence of pulp created by a watermark. I’m off to the 3D printer with my image. It’s going to be fun!




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