Week 27: collage

fibre stitches1

Inspired by Jennifer Davies fibre drawings, I have been trialing ways to use my paper for the installation. I love fibre and stitching so I thought  I could use the banana fibre as a stitched feature. My preference has always been for machine stitching and in 2011 I had an exhibition at the Tweed Regional Art Gallery of 365 stitched daily collages A Stitch in Time. It was only at the end of June this year that I decided to finish my collage/drawing a day blog which I had been doing for the past five and a half years.

But I love collage; the idea of layering disparate papers, textures and ideas together as a cohesive image. So this week in the studio I have been playing around with bits and pieces of printed, dyed and torn banana papers. After a few trials with machine stitching, I decided to try hand stitching, pricking holes first with an awl so that my stitching was straight. Tacking stitch became my preference and I followed the indigo dye line, adding fibre to reference my earlier sound drawings.The blue of the hand stitching together with the indigo dyed paper worked well together.

fibre collage1

Paper artist Jennifer Davies expresses the joys of creating with paper, much of which she makes herself, favouring Japanese style papers from mulberry bark.

“Creating with paper feels like dancing with a partner, the material itself leading me through a series of new steps.  I start with an idea but give myself over to a process that is intuitive, and at the best of times, playful.”[1]

This detail from one of Jennifer Davies fibre weavings has inspired me to experiment with ways to reference my banana fibre. It is indeed, playful and fun!

12-051 Jennifer Davies
Baffi – Jennifer Davies
10-061 Jennifer Davies
Dishabile – Jennifer Davies


[1] Jennifer Davies. 4 September 2016. http://www.jenniferdavieshmp.com/about-the-artist/.



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