Week 30: the 3 Rs (again)

Waterline – screen pint on indigo pulp painted banana paper

In Week 18 I wrote about the first 3 R’s – rest, recuperation and reflection. A pause in proceedings, endings and beginnings. Now it’s time for those other 3 R’s – repetition, review, resolution.

This week in the studio I have been making more paper so I could include stacks of  different sizes in my installation. I made a new batch of banana pulp – repeating the same procedure of chop, cook, rinse, beat and form the banana pulp into banana paper. This repetition is soothing, a known quality with actions which have usually yielded successful results. This week’s batch looked alright as I was forming it, but the papers have consistently torn. I will try adding more pulp to the vat in order to get a thicker paper and see how that goes.

Meanwhile I have been reviewing my project. What do I need to include in the installation, and what to reject? I now have images of paper sounds, dripping water  fractal images, collages, a little video of sound being played into water and a collection of printed paper tributes. Do I need more or perhaps less is best.

One of my favourites is the indigo pulp painted paper with the blue fractal image on it, Waterline. I really don’t know how it fits with the other collage works but I like it the best of all. Perhaps it is the blue which is of course my favourite colour. It makes me dream of water, boats, tidelines and waterlines.

Over the next month I will be resolving my installation strategy, making sure that I have communicated the aim of my  project to create resonant paper which has the ability to evoke images, memories and emotions. Paper which contains the vibration of its making, reminding us of the beauty inherent in the chaos of nature.


3 thoughts on “Week 30: the 3 Rs (again)

  1. I love this piece, the accumulation of all that has come before; the end result is an exquisite simplicity of the mastered techniques you have honed along the way.


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