Week 33: printed


My blog book is at the printers! I trialled several different blog to print firms, all of them overseas. Alas Australia does not seem to have picked up the ball on this print on demand type of book so I had to use a French company Blook to get the book printed. I was happy with their format and the ease of editing and previewing.

My book should arrive within three weeks in time to be part of the gallery installation. I have enjoyed this part of my project, the free flow of words in blog writing which has made the task of writing my exegesis so much easier.

As I read back over the 32 weeks of trial and experiments, it is lovely to reread my thoughts, my enthusiasms and new discoveries. I hope you will enjoy reading them too as a collection. I will put the book on sale after November 11, opening night.


2 thoughts on “Week 33: printed

  1. Taking some time to catch up on your amazing journey Heather. Look forward to seeing the book. Images are lovely. Are you keeping all the originals and making your own artist’s book?


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