Week 37: exhibition


The work is hung, the public arrive. It’s opening night and there is a quiet buzz in the gallery as people mill around looking at my work. I stand with it so that they can ask me questions. I explain the process, the prints, and the paper. There is much incredulity – banana paper? How did you get the image? Is this screen embroidered? What with? Look at the shadows it throws!

Presence/Absence – screen print on wire mesh screen

This paper mould (screen) was used in my experiments when I was attempting to make a fractal watermark. I had not originally intended to hang it in the exhibition however it was seen, admired and considered to be as much a part of the research narrative as the other works.  It was hung away from the wall so that the lighting could throw shadows to create a double pattern.

In many ways, it achieved the effect I was hoping to get as a watermark in paper – the presence of an image through the absence of pulp. The shadows and lines have created a similar effect.

Heather Matthew & fellow artist Christine Willcocks

Exhibition openings give the artist an opportunity to discuss their work and share their artistic journey with others. Such an enthusiastic response to my work is a validation of the research it represents. To be surrounded by family, friends, colleagues and fellow artists at my exhibition opening is a great boost to my self confidence as an artist and a celebration of this honours project.  At  journey’s end, I would like to thank everyone who came for celebrating my Paper/Song.



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