Week 38: feedback


Presence/Absence (detail) . Screenprint on wire mesh.

This week the examiners came to view our artwork installations and provide feedback. A valuable opportunity to have a critical analysis of the project and its resulting installation. What worked and why. What were the weaker points which needed clarification. How did the installation reflect the research and its outcome.

What I found particularly interesting was the comment that my installation could have been stronger if I had removed the handmade banana paper artworks from the walls and focused instead on the sound, video and the fractal screen which demonstrated the tools and process used.

It was a valid point and one that I had considered as an installation strategy using an overhead ‘sound dome’ and video projections onto the floor. For one reason or another this did not make it but these comments indicate possibilities for future exhibitions.

In many ways Presence/Absence achieved the result that I had been striving towards, a ‘watermark’ effect where light and shadows are created from the absence of matter – take away the paper and you are left with the lines on the wire mesh paper mound. The presence of light, an inspiration for my next project.


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