Hi my name is Heather and in 2016 I am undertaking an university honours project on the resonance of handmade paper. This will take me on a journey into sound vibrations, experiments with paper making and occasional academic rants about people who know a lot more than I do on many subjects. Join me as week by week I map a path through the maze of philosophy, sound and paper making. It will be fun!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello,

    Some of your ideas and approaches are not too dissimilar to my own. This has proved very interesting reading. I look forward to hearing how you proceed and develop your ideas. I’m presuming you’re in Australia?


    1. Hi Christine, thanks, yes I am in Australia, I was looking at your work Passage of Time (I presume thats yours) in the Art & Soul of Paper which is how I came across your blog. Really interesting about the kambucha. We can both follow each othrs works!


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